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Direct Appliance Repair is an insured and Licensed Appliance Company which formed in Vancouver in 2015. We’ve been around the appliance repair industry for many years, helping our clients in the Vancouver area and beyond solve their issues with all manner of appliances.

Specializing in washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove/oven/range fridges, cooktops & garburators repair, we can handle just about any kind of appliance that we come across. We provide customers with same day service at the best competitive prices. When paired with our warranty and excellent customer service, you know that you are getting a service that lives up to expectation.


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Our team know about the challenges in appliance repair, which is why our approach is one of simplicity. We look to come at the problem from the right angle, always looking to put in place the simplest solution. This avoids expensive repairs, and it negates the need to buy an even more expensive replacement. By getting more life out of hardware that might otherwise have been pronounced dead, we give you the help that you need through considered, professional approaches to appliance repair

Our Story
Formed in 2015, Direct Appliance Repair Vancouver was formed by caring and considerate professionals in the industry. We love gadgets and we love appliances, and we want you to be able to get the very maximum out of every appliance that you work with. To do that, we’ve put together a comprehensive plan that allows us to handle any make and model of traditional appliance.

Whatever you are looking for, our team will know how to solve the problem. We’ve hand-picked a team of Vancouver appliance repair experts who can solve the issues at hand, getting many years from otherwise broken and damaged appliances.

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