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As you may have noticed, appliances are not as dependable as they were in the days of our parents and grandparents. But with high-quality repairs by Direct Appliance Repair, even modern appliances will run perfectly for many years. Our technicians put their heart and soul into every repair to ensure your appliances stand the test of time. From residential refrigerator repair to commercial dishwasher repair, we do it all. Contact us to book a repair now.

Why People Love Us

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“Stellar service and great prices … In my line of work I have used a few different companies and these are the best, there is the 30 minute heads up call and the best is that you can track your techs progress to you home just like tracking your UBER! they email you a photo of the tech and his name so that you know who to expect and no surprises.. what other company does that! Its something I like and makes me feel safer as a woman letting a stranger in my home”


“I had a problem with the dishwasher; the pump was broken and there was also a leak. I got an appointment for the following day. They arrived punctual and checked what was the problem, told me how much it would be to repair it and had all pieces repaired and fixed within the hour. I paid with credit card and they was kind enough to give me their number in case I have problems in the future. Now the dishwasher works perfectly!”



Our Guarantee

Finding a leaky appliance, or one that just isn’t working right is terrible, especially when you don’t have extra time in the day to tend to it. We understand that you want straightforward answers to your questions and an excellent appliance repair service that solves problems.

Metro City Appliance Repair employees are industry trained and will work to minimize your down-time. We maintain a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and strive to lead the Metro City appliance repair industry in quality.

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