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For those who own a washing machine in Greater Vancouver, it’s likely that you will have issues at one stage throughout the lifespan of your washing machine. The longer that you leave any of the issues you have spotted, though, the longer it will take for a repair to be carried out. Leave the damage for long enough, and your washing machine could become beyond repair.

That’s why the team at Direct Appliance Repair recommend that you contact us today. We can give you all the help that you need to start making informed choices regarding direct action to repair your hardware. If you have noticed a slowdown and/or drop-off in the way that your machine works, then it might need our steady hand and our guiding expertise to solve the problem and correct it at source.

If that sounds like something that you would like to do, then we recommend that you contact us today. Our expertise in washing machine repair in Greater Vancouver will ensure that you can get your washing machine working to a standard that is as good as new once again. For more help and information, then, get in touch with us – we can show you exactly what we can do for you.


Washer common repairs

  • Washer will not drain.
  • Washer leak water.
  • Washer will not start.
  • Washer will not spin.
  • Washer overfills.
  • Washer makes excessive noise or vibration.
  • Washer stops mid cycle.
  • Washer lights will blink.

If there are any leaks with the washing machine, the team at Direct Appliance Repair highly recommends that you shut the water valves. If you need help in doing this, then please contact us immediately and we can direct you to do so. We can then go through a full diagnostic plan with you so that we know exactly what has to be changed and corrected.

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We work in the Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Langley, Maple Ridge, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, New Westminster, Delta, Richmond, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, and most Greater Vancouver areas

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