Convection vs Regular Oven

When looking for new oven usually the question that comes up?, whether to buy normal Oven or Convection oven, Both have their advantages and disadvantages. This Article will try to explain.

Convection Oven

When Asking what convection oven does in compare to a regular one the most obvious answer that come is that the oven uses one or more fans to circulate the air inside and prepare food more evenly by spreading the heat.

Instead of just using the Radiant heat from above (broil) or the bottom(bake), the convection oven spreads the heat across the oven and regulates the temperature evenly between the dishes inside and gets rid of the extra moisture threw the vents.

Therefore by using a convection oven you can reduce the heating time of the oven by about 20% and make your food much faster than the regular oven

Regular Oven

Every Regular Electric Oven uses 2 simple Radiant Heating elements Bake and Broil to produce direct heat.

The Biggest change between the Convection oven and Regular oven. Some areas in the regular oven will be more humid and hotter. In the convection oven the heat will be spread evenly

Self Clean
When to Use Convection oven?
Convection oven is not good for all types of food preparation. For example Cooking Cakes, Or baking Cookies that requires longer cooking/baking. with that on mind Convection not only will save you time but also will make you for cooked much more evenly

With the difference between convection oven and regular oven in mind, you will be able to choose the right type of Appliance for your kitchen.

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