Where/How To recycle Appliances In Vancouver

There are Multiple Ways and locations where you can recycle old Appliance in British Columbia and the Lower Mainland:

Just Remember


If the appliance you’re replacing still works, consider donating it to an organization or charity, who could use it. Many charity organizations who accept appliances will even come and pick them up for free

Recycling Center/Cities

Most municipalities have pick-up or appliance recycling programs. Give your local city a call to find out if they offer Appliance Recycling Service and how many times a Year.


If you’re buying brand new appliances, The retailers will usually offer recycling service for the old Appliances as long as they are disconnected from the Power outlet/Water etc. Most retailers should be willing to take it at no additional cost.

Recycling Locations: Greater Vancouver Area

4840 Still Creek Avenue, Burnaby, BC
Phone: +1(604)-294-7972

Richmond Recycling Depot
5555 Lynas Lane, Richmond, BC
Phone: 604-276-4010

Regional Recycling – Vancouver
960 Evans Avenue, Vancouver, BC
Phone: 855-701-717

Coquitlam Transfer Station (Wastech Services Ltd.)
1200 United Boulevard, Coquitlam, BC
Phone: 604-681-5600

Or Just Fix the old broken one

There are multiple ways for how to dispose/recycle an old appliance for free, but that doesn’t always necessary. If your Appliance still works and/or too old, having an appliance Serviced or Repaired may be even cheaper then purchasing a new one.

If you decide to hold onto your appliance for bit longer, you Can give us a call Direct Appliance Repair Today. Direct appliance repair Service Vancouver and the surrounding areas. We will mange to have your appliance working like new again same or the next day!

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