Dryer Common Issues

Modern Dryer are very energy efficient appliances. They come with moisture sensors and multiple thermostat so they know when to stop and not to overheat your cloth, Now day dryers can dry your cloth within an hour. What to do if your dryer is not doing its job properly. A couple of Do-It-Yourself troubleshooting can guide you through the basic Maintenance.

Knowing your Dryer is important even when you choosing to hire Specialist

Why Dryers Stop Drying Clothes Completely/Partially
Prior calling a technician to service your faulty dryer, try to perform our guide and check if there is an actual issue with the dryer

Dryer Load size: Too less or too Much
When the Dryer is overloaded there is not enough airflow circulation through the cloth which will lead in longer drying times and multiple cycles to dry

The best solution will be to reduce the amount of cloth per load.

Some dryer will require certain amount of cloths to start heating that’s because moisture sensor have to be activated during the cycle and it will be activate if there is moisture from the Cloth.

Lint Screen filter

Sometime dryer will not dry your load but will get too hot, in that case you might have a blocked lint screen filter or a blocked Vent,

Direct Appliance Repair recommends to clean the lint screen filter after every single use, it will create proper airflow in the dryer and will extend the life of the parts and the machine itself, it will also dry your cloth better

One other benefit of cleaning the lint screen filter is fire prevention, Dryers are appliances that work in one of 2 ways gas heating/element heating . if there is too much lint in the dryer it can increase the chances of catching up fire

Clogged Vent

One of many reason for a dryer to dry poorly is when the vent has obstruction in it,

The vent connects the Dryer to the outside of the house where the moisture should go

They get clogged and thus blocks and traps the airflow, May increase chances of catching fire and reduce dryers performance and efficiency.

Dryer Faulty parts

After the DO-IT-YOURSELF efforts. You may have faulty dryer parts that have to be replaced

Contact Direct Appliance Repair Today and schedule an appointment for service. Our team specialize in Dry Repairs Service and qualified to help with all your appliance needs.

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